I came across this image yesterday while searching for another, and the text is spot on vis-à-vis You Matter to Me Day.

Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most importnat ones that should have been said.

Image by Live Life Happy (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

I get that “You matter to me” might not roll off the tongue the way “I love you” does. Or “You rock!” Or “You just made my day.”

But still.

Before Bill and Bryce died in the spring of 2010, it never occurred to me to tell either of them (or anyone else, for that matter) “you matter to me,” even though they (and plenty of others) did.

I’d met them three years earlier. They were, respectively, a younger brother and a nephew of my then bf, and I’d spent lots of fun times with them, whether at family gatherings or just hanging out over the weekend.

Of course they mattered to me. Still do.

We weren’t oh-so close in the way that best friends are close, so telling them “I love you,” the way my intimates and I do, didn’t seem appropriate.

But still.

They mattered to me.

Putting aside the subjectivity of the word “should” for a moment, how often are we in situations in which we should say something important to someone or a group of someones who matters to us, yet don’t?

From “I’m sorry” or “forgive me” to “you mean the world to me” or even just “thank you.”

There are countless stories of individuals who had the opportunity to tell someone something that acknowledged, affirmed that particular someone, but didn’t. And then it was too late.

This is the kind of stuff that, given the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, can cause regrets.

The simplest remedy to preventing this sort of regret: just say it.

No matter how difficult. No matter how much pride we might have to swallow. No matter how much crow we might have to eat.

Because we never know.

“Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said.”

Words like “you matter to me.”


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