The Event

The Event

You Matter to Me Day.

One day of the year when the sentiment of “you matter to me” is shared.

Individually and en masse.

In person and online.

Face to face. By voice and video calls. By texts and emails. By social media posts with #youmattertomeday.

The Date

October 7. This year and every year.

It was the date of the New Moon (beginnings) in Libra (relationships) in 2010, thus the perfect date to birth You Matter to Me Day and bring conscious communication of “mattering” to everyone.

The Effects

People from Bangladesh, France and Kenya, to the UAE, UK and US, shared and received the “you matter to me” message in 2010.

In the years that followed, thousands more across continents have been touched, moved, and inspired by the “you matter to me” sentiment.

Given everything that is happening in the world right now, it is time for millions, if not billions, of people on this planet we call home to know that they matter. Please help us to reach them and to give them a hug of sorts with four simple words: You matter to me.