Who Matters to Us

People Like You

To the many people who have shared and participated in You Matter to Me Day, you caused this special day to come alive, and because of you, people across the globe felt — for the first or five hundredth time — that they matter. Thank you.

Keep sharing! On October 7th and every day of the year, so more people in more places can experience the power of “mattering.”

Special Thanks to…

Jane and Madison and the entire Pope family, especially Bill and Bryce, in whose memory and honor You Matter to Me Day was created.

You Matter to Me Day Partners & Supporters

Lee J. Howard, the composer and performer of “Private Beach,” the theme music for You Matter to Me Day.

Lorelei Robbins, who checked the celestial charts and recommended October 7 as the optimal “birth date” for You Matter to Me Day in 2010.

Jason Salas, former Interactive Media Director and News Anchor at KUAM in Guam, who did the audio promo for You Matter to Me Day.

Chuck Wall, founder of Kindness USA.

And Jordin Sparks and Brandon Kalm, who did an exclusive performance of the song “You Matter to Me” from the Broadway musical Waitress at Playbill Studio in October 2019 in honor of You Matter to Me Day.

Supporters in the Media

Jeff Lemucchi, former host of “Bakersfield’s First Morning News” on KERN-AM 1180 in Bakersfield, CA

John Maciel, host of “KW Magazine” on CKWR 98.5 FM in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Jon Carson and Mary McGuire, formerly of “Jon and Mary in the Morning” on K107.1 FM in Green Bay, WI